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имени генерал-адмирала Ф.М. Апраксина -
филиал Федерального государственного бюджетного образовательного учреждения высшего образования
"Волжский государственный университет водного транспорта"

Caspian Institute of Sea and River Transport the affiliation of Volga State University of Water Transport, the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education (hereinafter referred to as the Affiliation) is a large industrial educational complex on the Lower Volga that trains specialists with higher and secondary professional education for water transport. The affiliation dates back to 1918 and currently unites the traditions of three oldest educational institutions: the Astrakhan River School, the Astrakhan Affiliation of the Volga State Academy of Water Transport and the Caspian Affiliation of the FSBEI HPE “State Maritime University named after Admiral F.F. Ushakov”.

In accordance with the license permitting to carry out educational activities the Affiliation provides training under programs of higher, secondary vocational, and additional professional education.

To organize the educational process the Affiliation has an educational and laboratory complex, classrooms and laboratories, an electronic reading room and the library.

 The Affiliation has a modern complex of training systems and simulators that imitate ship equipment. It also includes simulator of control and maneuvering of the vessel, simulators of communication systems and electronic cartography.

The continuing education courses for persons from the crew are organized and constantly operating (more than 150 types of training) on the basis of the Affiliation.

Every year, more than 3,000 students study at the Affiliation at the same time and more than 20,000 students undergo training in continuing education programs.

The diploma of graduation from FSBEI HE "VGUVT" is valid and accepted throughout the world. Our graduates are in demand and are hired by leading shipping companies around the world.

This demand for graduates is to some extent due to the fact that in addition to the state educational standard of the Russian Federation, the Affiliation meets the requirements of international maritime conventions (for example, STCW, etc.)


At all faculties (higher (HE) and secondary vocational education (SVE)) there are full-time and part-time forms of education.

Training Duration:

Faculty of Higher Education:

- Bachelor (training direction "Technology of transport processes", "Management") - 4 years full-time; 4.6 years part-time;

- Specialist (specialties: “Navigation”; “Operation of ship power plants”; “Operation of ship electrical equipment and automation”) – 5.6 years full-time; 6  years part-time.

Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education:

- Technician (specialty: “Navigation” - full-time education (on the basis of 9 classes) - 4 years 10 months, part-time (on the basis of 11 classes) - 4 years 4 months; “Operation of ship power plants”; “Operation of ship electrical equipment and automation”; “Shipbuilding”) - full-time education (based on 9 classes) - 3 years 10 months; part-time education (based on 11 classes) - 3 years 4 months).

The training is conducted in Russian so good preliminary language training is needed. You can get the necessary help in improving the Russian language knowledge at the Linguistic Laboratory of the Affiliation.


 Admission to training at Caspian Institute of Sea and River Transport is carried out in accordance with the “Admission Rules at FSBEI HE “Volga State University of Water Transport” which can be found both on FSBEI HE Volga State University of Water Transport web site and on the Affiliation site. There you can see the list of directions and entrance tests at different faculties.

 You will have to submit the following documents to the selection committee:

- application form for admission to training in the established form;

- documents on education equivalent to documents on education of the state sample of the Russian Federation, required for admission to the corresponding level of higher education, indicating qualifications (degrees), subjects studied and grades obtained from them: bachelor's degree, specialty: certificate of complete secondary education (Documents on Education must undergo the legalization procedure in the country of issue of the diploma You can find out about the legalization procedure at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the country of issue of the document, or on the website of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Health "The-Chief-Expert-Centre");

- notarized translation into Russian of documents on education and its annexes;

- certificate of equivalence of education received abroad, of a standard form;

- a medical certificate of the established form (086y), indicating the absence of medical contraindications for living in the Russian Federation and training in the relevant direction (specialty);

- a medical note (certificate) indicating the absence of HIV infection, valid in the territory of the Russian Federation;

- passport with visa and migration card;

- six matte photos 3x4 cm.

The translation into Russian of educational documents must be certified by a notary in the Russian Federation or by the consulate, or by the embassy of the Russian Federation in the country of issue of the documents. Documents of foreign states on education and academic ranks must go through the procedure for recognition and equivalence in the prescribed manner (for more information see

It is necessary to take an HIV test and get a medical certificate in a specialized clinic for water transport workers

The Institute has the right to request additional information.

An invitation to enter the territory of the Russian Federation

In case of successful passing the entrance tests and submitting for enrollment in the number of students you need to issue an invitation to the Caspian Institute to enter the Russian Federation on a study visa. To receive such an invitation, you must submit (in person, by mail, fax or e-mail) to the International Relations Department the following documents:

- completed application form;

- application form for training;

- a copy of the first two pages of your passport.

After consideration of the documents submitted by you the department of international relations will prepare the documents necessary for submission to the bodies of the Federal Migration Service and, upon receipt of an invitation from the FMS to enter the Russian Federation, will send it to you.

Please familiarize yourself with the procedure for applying for a visa at the Russian Embassy in your country. Issuing an invitation takes at least 45 days, so these documents must be submitted to the Department of International Relations as early as possible.

Conclusion of a training contract

The contract for training is drawn up after successful completion of entrance tests and precedes admission to the number of students. 

Your costs will consist of the following:

 - preparatory courses (if necessary) for teaching the Russian language and majors;

- the cost of training in the chosen direction (specialty);

- The cost of living in a student dormitory (if necessary);

- the cost of a medical certificate and HIV test (AIDS);

- health insurance or a health care contract;

- translation of documents on education (for information on their cost, please contact the main expert center)

Using books in the library is free

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